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The Autofridge has been in production in Australia since 1987. High manufacturing costs and cheap imported fridges flooding the market have rendered local production of the Autofridge unviable. However, the Autofridge legacy continues! In October 2014 Leon Dewberry passed on ownership of the Autofridge brand to intelliQuip, an Australian owned 12V outdoor specialist. IntelliQuip’s owner, Alan Richards, has owned and used the Autofridge for over 15 years.

Passionate about the Autofridge and its benefits, intelliQuip has commenced work on the next generation Autofridge, with founder Leon continuing to assist with design and development. The new Autofridge by intelliQuip is expected to launch in Australia in late 2015.

Combining intelliQuip’s extensive electronics and refrigeration expertise with high quality international manufacturing, the new Autofridge will offer an even more efficient, high quality, and reliable eutectic portable refrigerator. The new model will include a freezer section and automatic electronic controller for optimum efficiency.

For more information on the Autofridge and why eutectic refrigeration is superior, please visit: